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Hello Love Geeks! New and Old!

Hi everyone! New changes to the podcast and blog are coming.  One of the biggest changes is you can expect far more updates from the blog and podcast.  We're gonna have more updates, and we want more input from our listeners.  Check our blog, our Facebook Page, and Twitter for more surveys, questionnaires, and musings!  

As always, if you have thoughts on our new directions, emails at thoselovegeeks@gmail.com! 


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Partners in Science!

Hey Everyone! Those Love Geeks have officially partnered with ScienceofRelationships.com.  We have often promoted SoR.com on the podcast and we are now officially working together to inform the world about relationship science! Check out their website and Facebook page! While you're at it, thank them for helping Those Love Geeks to upgrade their recording equipment!  

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